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The congress will take place at Centro Cultural La Corrala

Located in the very city center – in the historic Corrala on Carlos Arniches Street and in the middle of El Rastro -, this historical building is dedicated to encouraging the creativity and scientific innovation capacity of the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid.


From the AIRPORT

  1.  By TAXI: Around 35 - 50€.

  2.  By a combination of BUS and UNDERGROUND (metro): To get to La Corrala from the airport, first take the bus line 200 to Canillejas (1,5€ per ticket) and then metro L5 (light green) to La Latina (1,5-2€ ticket). ~ 50 min

  3. By RENFE: Take either C1 (light blue) or C10 (light green) to Pirámides (2.60€) ~ 55 min

  4. By METRO: Take L8 (pink) to Nuevos Ministerios and in there transfer to L10 (dark blue) to get to Tribunal. From there take L1 (light blue) to Tirso de Molina (4.5-5€) ~ 50 min

From Mendez Álvaro (bus/train station)

  1.  By METRO: Take L6 (grey) to Pacífico and then take L1 (light blue) to Tirso de Molina (1.5-2€) ~ 25 min


From Atocha Renfe (train station)

  1. By METRO: take L1 (light blue) to Tirso de Molina (1.5-2€) - 15 min

  2. By RENFE: Take C5 (yellow) to Embajadores (1.70€) ~ 20 min

  3. By BUS: Take bus 26 from the train station to Tirso de Molina square (1.5€) ~ 20 min


From Chamartín (train station)

  1. By RENFE and METRO: Take either C3 (purple) or C4a (dark blue) to Sol (1.70€) and in there take metro L1 (light blue) to Tirso de Molina (1.50-2€) ~ 25 min

  2. By METRO: Take L1 (light blue) to Tirso de Molina (1.5-2€) ~ 35 min

  3. By RENFE: Take C2 (dark green), C3 (purple), C4 (dark blue), C7 (red) or C10 (light green) to Atocha Renfe and in there take C5 (yellow) to Embajadores (1.70€) ~ 35 min


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